SCIRA announces Hall of Fame

The Snipe Class has a long history of which very few other classes can be boast.

It is a history of people, sailors, champions, enthusiasts, promoters, sailmakers, builders and organizers.

The past is strongly linked to the present: all these people have helped to promote and grow our Class in many countries and continents; many of these people are still strongly linked to the Class or have been, when they were alive, to form a large family, the Snipe Family, from great-grandparents to grandchildren. Past and present are strongly united in the Snipe Class.

Hall of Fame Categories:

  • Sailing:  achievements on the water by a sailor
  • Technical/Design: Significantly contributed to technical aspects as a builder, sailmaker
  • Contributors: made significant contributions to the Snipe Class such as a coach, – administrator, officer, promoter, organizer.

Nominations can be made the following way (must be received by July 31):

form   or     online

Committee description

Hall of Fame description

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