The SCIRA Board of Governors recently passed 2 amendments to the Deeds of Gift for two World Championships that take effect in the 2015 sailing season:

Id Crook Memorial World Masters - new categories

4 divisions of medals will be presented for trophies for top 3 places in the following divisions:

  • Apprentice Master Division (45-54 years)
  • Master Division (55-64 years)
  • Grand Master Division (65-74 years)
  • Master Legends Division (75 years old and onwards)

        Overall Master World Champion will be top placing team.

Read the full Deed of Gift here

Hub E. Isaacs World Championship - addition of entry for former World Champion skippers

Any Former former Isaacs World Champion skipper has an automatic entry to the championship that is not included in their home country’s quota.

Read the full Deed of Gift here

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