The SCIRA Board created a program to begin in 2014 to work with developing nations and growing fleets.  Below is the outline to implement the project and offer some of our sailors the chance to introduce Snipes to these newer countries.

Countries requesting a Clinic

Complete the Clinic request form and submit to the SCIRA office for consideration and scheduling.

Sailors Offering Coaching

Complete the Coaching Application form and submit to the SCIRA office for consideration and scheduling.


Clinics to new countries/fleets

  • Program (SCIRA) provides coach & pays travel & daily coaching rate for 3 days (anything beyond must be covered by host fleet/country)
  • Country provides housing, meals & coach boat/fuel for coach as well as transportation to/from airport and club.
  • Country provides equipment (marks, audio/visual, etc) for clinic
  • We utilize coaches in appropriate hemispheres and those that can speak in the host country’s language for better comprehension.
  • Clinics could be held prior to a regatta to apply knowledge learned.

SCIRA may be able to provide stickers and additional promotional items if requested in advance.

For more information on the Initiative, contact SCIRA Executive Director Jerelyn Biehl at: or find additional information on the Snipe website:

Approved Coaches

the following coaches have submitted resumes and accepted terms of the SCIRA Coaching Program.  Contact the SCIRA office if you would like to view any resume of a coach.

Coach country languages spoken living in
Damian Borras  ESP  esp, eng, ita, por ESP_Menorca 
Roberto Fabini   URU  esp, eng URU
Ricardo Fabini  URU  esp, eng, por URU 
Martin Flores ARG, ESP esp, eng, ita ITA
Thomas Fogh CAN eng, fra, dan CAN
Eric Heim USA eng USA_west
Enrique Quintero USA esp, eng USA_east
Enrico Solerio ITA ita, eng, esp, fra ITA
Ernesto Rodriguez USA esp, eng USA_east
Luis Soubie ARG esp, eng ARG
George Szabo USA eng USA_west
Alexandre Tinoco BRA por, esp, eng NED_BRA_TAN
Kathleen Tocke USA eng. fra, ita USA_east
Cesar Travado ESP esp, eng ESP_east

Coaching Clinic Schedule

2014 - clinics held

Country  Fleet  dates  contact  coach
Colombia  Bogata  Jan 6-9  Francisco Castillo Luis Soubie
Argentina  Salta  Feb 26-28  Alejandro Triggiano Alexandre Tinoco
Poland Kamien Pomorski summer Zbigniew Rakocy Alexandre Tinoco
Italy  Talamone  September  Francesco Fontana  Kathleen Tocke

 2015 - clinic schedule

Country  Fleet  dates  contact  coach
Peru Lima Jan 9-11 Diego Figueroa Luis Soubie
Brazil Guanabara Jan Mario Eugenio Bonetti Tavares Luis Soubie
Norway Oslo May 7-10  Birger Jansen  Damian Borras
Ecuador Salinas May 20-24 Edgar Diminich Ricky Fabini
Sweden Motala July 6-8 Tobias Chroneer Damian Borras
Belgium Antwerp Aug 17-24 Andre Callot Damian Borras
Croatia Kvarner Sept 11-13 Damir Vranic Luis Soubie
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