February 14, 2018

Dear National Secretaries,

Class promotion is one of the main aspects to work on and the fleet activity is the fulcrum of the promotion.
A lively fleet promotes events, regattas, clinics, training sessions, parties among its members, but should also focuses its attention outside on other sailors.
The aim is to attract new people to our Class by helping them discover our wonderful boat.
This is the reason why the Board warmly encourages fleets in all countries to organize a World Snipe Day, at the best time of year for such activities in your region.
We are convinced that, with the commitment of passionate Snipe sailors of each fleet, it is possible to re-launch and give new vigor to our Class in each region, even guaranteeing a generational change.
We believe that communication to the outside and the promotional activities of individual fleets is a fundamental aspect for this effort.
The first step is to introduce and allow potentially interested sailors to sail the Snipe.
Please, forward this circular letter to your fleet captains and share this idea with your members.
Then we will be happy to publish in the Snipe Bulletin and on SnipeToday your World Snipe Day report. It is important for us and for the other fleets share your experiences and receive suggestions and comments about these promotional activities.

Pietro Fantoni
SCIRA Commodore

Guidelines for World Snipe Day

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