The Snipe Brazilian National took place in the fantastic city of Salvador. The championship was organized by the Yacht Clube de Salvador and everything was perfect. Alfter all days of races there was a barbecue and cold beer waiting for the sailors ashore. It was a great week of sailing under very good conditions. The wind was always from SE changing from 12 to 18 knots. 56 boats from the south to the north of Brazil have entered the championship. There was a spot light in the fleet 662, from Salvador. This fleet has been grown since 2005 and there are 25 boats by the moment. The Laser Class Olimpic Sailor Matheus Tavares has joined this fleet and did a very good job being qualified to the World Championship in San Diego.

The two first place were like in the WH&O. Bruno Bethlem and Dante Bianchi won the title for the sixth time (five in a row) and Alexandre Paradeda and Gabriel Kieling, who retain the record of winnings (7times), were second in a tight battle.

After the prize giving cerimony all sailors took a rented bus and went to the Summer Festival, that is a Music Festival where more than 80000 people dance and sing famous Brazilian Music until the sunrise.

The following crews are qualified to the World Championship in San Diego:

Bruno Bethlem and Dante Bianchi (Present WH&O Champions) Alexandre Paradeda and Gabriel Kieling Alexandre Tinoco and Filipe Novello Matheus Tavares and Eduardo Peres Carlos Henrique Wanderley and Richard Zietmann Mario Tinoco and Matheus (Present Junior World Champions)

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