Read about the 2 events held in Atlanta, GA, USA recently:

Classic Snipe Rally

US Masters Championship


The 2009 USA Snipe Masters National Championship, with avid Snipe sailors aged 45 and above (teams total at least 80 yrs), combined with a Classic Wooden Snipe Rally for the absolutely avid folks that enjoy working on building new wooden Snipes, or restoring antique wooden Snipes, hosted at a Club with a long history of Snipe sailing and Class leadership, volunteerism and link it with the Halloween Regatta, the longest running and largest weekend regatta for the Snipe Class in the USA and you have an event appealing to a large group of the Class and is thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Sailors from as far away as Brazil, the USA Virgin Islands, Texas, Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Michigan and Massachusetts enjoyed the week meeting old friends, making new friends, telling stories and recalling the past and competing in a relaxing environment at the Atlanta Yacht Club on lake Allatoona.

With day one of sailing cancelled due to the lack of wind the sailors were hopeful day 2 would bring different results. A race was started in an adequate light breeze, but it faded and the last few legs of the race were completed in drifting conditions. Brent McKenzie and Barb Evans won the frustrating race and Lee Griffith and Julia Marsh were 2 nd. However, Brent was disqualified by the Judges for skulling while doing a 720 relating to a room at the mark infraction at the leeward mark. End of day two and off to the Davis Estate on the hill behind the Club for dinner and a barn dance with blue grass music.

Thursday, day 3 offered winds from the ESE, right down the lake, at about 7-8 mph and 2 great windward leeward races were held in the afternoon to complete the Regatta. Bibi Juetz and Alexandre Tinoco won race one with past Commodore Dick Tillman and his wife Susan coming in 2nd. Note that these two skippers are both Grand Masters. Griffith March were 11 th. Race two was won by the Tillman team and Griffith Marsh were 2nd locking up the 2009 USA masters National Championship for the Griffith Marsh team.

Bibi and Alex ended up 2nd overall and the great sailing on Thursday by the Tillmans vaulted them into 3rd overall. Apprentice Master Ian Elliott and Bruno Mello sailed very well and were 4th overall. Grand Master John Muhlhausen with Addison Hackstaff from St Thomas had a great regatta finishing 5th overall.

Below is a summary of the top 3 finishers for the 3 age categories;

Grand Master
1. Bibi Juetz and Alex Tinoco (2nd overall)
2. Dick and Linda Tillman (3 rd overall)
3. John Muhlausen and Addison Hackstaff (5th overall)


1. Don Hackbarth and Leslie Irvine (8th overall)
2. Andy Klein and Deb Meuse (9th overall)
3. Sue Lodico and Jan Tabor ( 11th overall)

Apprentice Master:
1. Lee Griffith and Julia Marsh (1 st overall)
2. Ian Elliott and Bruno Mello (4 th overall)
3. Joni Palmer and Kay Voss (6th overall)

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