SCIRA announces Hall of Fame

The International Snipe Class has a long history of which very few other classes can boast. The boat was designed by Bill Crosby in 1931 and 88 years later, 32000+ boats have been built with fleets in over 30 active nations.

It is a history of people, sailors, champions, enthusiasts, promoters, sailmakers, builders and organizers.

The past is strongly linked to the present: all the inductees have helped to promote and grow our Class in many countries and continents; many of these people are still strongly linked to the Class or have been, when they were alive, to form a large family, the Snipe Family, from great-grandparents to grandchildren.

For this reason, the "Snipe Class International Racing Association Hall of Fame" was created.

The SCIRA Hall of Fame honors individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Snipe Class and Snipe competition.

The Class is honoring three categories: Sailing, Technical Design and Contributors, --people who made significant contributions to the Snipe Class.

Hall of Fame Categories

  • Sailing: achievements on the water by a sailor
  • Technical/Design:Significantly contributed to technical aspects as a builder, sailmaker
  • Contributors:made significant contributions to the Snipe Class such as a coach, – administrator, officer, promoter, organizer.

Nominations can be made the following way:

PDF Form

Committee description

Hall of Fame description

2019 Inductees

SCIRA Commodore Pietro Fantoni stated “The Snipe Class is strong today because of this first list of inductees: William F. Crosby, Hub E. Isaacks, Ted Wells, Id Crook, Carlos & Jorge Vilar Castex, Axel & Erik Schmidt, Earl Elms, Jan Persson, Bibi Juetz and Gonzalo Diaz.

This first list is impressive.  All of us Snipe sailors and friends of the Snipe Class – and I can add, friends of the sport of sailing – have to thank them and their families and celebrate their induction for their victories on the water, their contributions ashore and for how they promoted our beloved Class.."

For this very first year a maximum of ten inductees were considered (eight next year and  five from the year after).

The 2019 inductees are among those who have undoubtedly contributed to make the history of the Snipe Class.