June 28-30, Lake Galgenweel, ,Antwerp, Belgium

WEC19 Poster 01SCIRA Belgium is proud to announce it has been asked to organize the Snipe European Ladies Championship 2019. The event hasn’t been run for a number of years and it was therefore the plan of the people who came up with the idea to make it a low threshold event. A 3 day regatta is planned from 28 to 30 June 2018.

The venue will be lake Galgenweel in the city of Antwerp, home of the Snipe in Belgium. Although  small, less than 1 km long, it sports five sailing clubs and houses several hundred boats in covered yards. It’s one of the most active sailing hubs in Belgium from its creation as part of an urbanization plan in the 1940’s.

The size of the lake is a challenge, both for organizers as for sailors. Courses are short and guarantee close racing that is easy to follow from the clubhouse. The start line is max. 5 minutes away from the bank and crews can come ashore in between races as there are plenty of jetties. Scira Belgium is also known for its socials.

We would like to invite the national secretaries to ask around in their countries and advise our national secretary or of interest in your area.

By the way, there seems to be a perpetual trophy. If anyone knows where it is, we would like to continue the tradition.

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