The UPDATED 2013 Senior Worlds Allocation is now published: Updated Worlds quotas_2013.pdf

The 2013 Jr Worlds allocation is now published Jr Worlds quota

The Board & Rules Committee has made some changes that will go into effect beginning January 1, 2013 that will effect the minimum cloth weight for jib cloth and identification of jibs.  Read the latest in the Fall Snipe Bulletin and in the Circular letter posted here

The Spanish Nationals were held October 11-14 at Club Nautico Los Nietos.

Nationals: 70 boats competed with Rayco Tabares & Gonzalo Morales as the victors results

Women's Nationals: 5 boats were in contention with newly crowned Women's World Champions Marta and Angela Hernandez the victors  results

Junior Nationals: 15 teams were in the junior category and Marta and Angela Hernandez bested them all!  results

The SCIRA Board of Governors listened to the sailors and held a re-vote over the summer to reconsider their vote on adopting the full-batten mainsail for 2013.  After polling the sailors around the Snipe world, the balloting resulted in a reversal of the ruling.

As Commodore Don Bedford states in his Fall 2012 Snipe Bulletin column, "We had a couple of occurrences this summer that should be mentioned.  This first is the retraction of the change to the battens for the mainsail.  This was voted in last year to be initiated in 2013. The proposed change was to simply help the mainsail last longer and be easier to sail; the same change made by the Star class some years ago. While I personally feel that this rule will benefit the Class, our Board of Governors spent endless hours speaking tomany sailors and sail makers and determined that this is not the right time for the change.  Like I said, I do think it is a simple change that will improve the boat and help the sails last longer - however, the discussion of the change needs to include more people, better visibility, and more time for everyone to plan. We have made much greater changes in teh boat such as the dagger board and the total weight of the boat. If we make this change then I hope we would minimize the impact, let sail makers plan better and help Snipe sail buyers plan better as well."

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